Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Today is her birthday, she's smoking cigars...

Judging by the weather, I've been a very good girl, but then that could just be a weather god looking the other way or maybe Zeus is hungover and can't stand the sound of thunder right now. In any case, it's my birthday and I'm not at all ready to turn 22, but if I should only celebrate the birthdays I was ready for, I'd still be 19!

Kristian has jumped on the double-blogging bandwaggon (I don't really know if there is such a thing, but you get the picture) and started a blog about Ray Parlour. I don't really get it (I'm not sure I want to, either), but it's pretty funny all the same. Go here.

And I've been out taking some pictures of the town I live in, to say goodbye or something. Not all of them turned out nicely, but I quite like these three, even though the first one is quite tacky. I've never been inside the bar to which the sign belongs, but I've always thought that the sign looked scruffy in a really cool way. The last one is of the street where I grew up. Why we ever moved is beyond me.