Thursday, July 29, 2004

None of my groupies wanna dance

The weeping willow and his bird are in town and consequently everything has been turned upside down - I even saw some women wearing hats and not just your regular trucker cap, but proper hats like English ladies wear them at weddings and shit. They'd better be invited to some of the festivities, 'cause they looked very much out of place.
And amongst all of these royalist fanatics, I was struggling my way home from work and as a result of being confronted with all these silly, silly people, who obviously have nothing better to do on their holiday, my eyes now hurt from rolling. Ouch.
What are the darling couple here for, I hear you asking? Well, nothing important, really. They'll be waving at the people from their ship and from the town hall and then they'll go on to reveal the town's new acquisition, this nice little sculpture which costed around £100,000 and is called Butt im Griff. Apart from just being lame, that's also German for Flatfish in Hand and as you can see from the picture, the artist must have spent days to come up with the title.

Oh well, they'll be out tomorrow and so will I.