Saturday, July 10, 2004

I'm high on life. And crystal meth.

It's finally official. I have a flat. My very first own flat (I'm still considering painting it pink and covering it in glitter, to get that My First Barbie-feel). As I'm starting studies in Copenhagen this September, it's been pretty hard pressing that I'd find a place to live. My father has been so amazingly gracious (and these aren't the right words, because I can't say properly how insanely grateful I am for him doing this for me) to buy a place I could rent off him and we've spent the last three months or so looking on different flats. And now he's bought one. A really, really nice 1st floor flat with a new kitchen and a bathtub. And I'm living there! On my own!
I'm moving on the first of August so now I have to start buying all the stuff I need, which is pretty confusing. I need so many things. Furniture and plates and lamps and baking tins and Jesus, I get dizzy just thinking about it.
Although I like living with my mother and my siblings, I'm looking forward to having my own place and at the same time... I don't know. Do any of you get this strange feeling when you see men crying? Not a feeling of it being a bad thing, but because you don't see it a lot, it's seems really serious when you do? That's very close to the feeling I have right now. The feeling that now would be a good time to scream and panic.