Friday, July 09, 2004

Festival rain, always the same

As we all know, one of the best cures against the blues is shoeshopping. This is what I want to do right now, see? However, as you can't wear heels when you go with your husband to the tilting grounds, it's completely impossible to get a decent pair of shoes where I live. So I bought a handbag instead. It's a bit like eating Nutella with a spoon when what you really want is Marabou-chocolate, but it'll do. Anyway, I promised that I would write something less moody about the music at Roskilde when I, myself, got a bit less moody, so here goes.

Even though the camping site at Roskilde has both a music stage and a cinema, I didn't really use either in the 3½ day-gap between when I arrived and when the actual festival started. Monday, I saw something like 5 minutes of The Movement who looked really cool, but where mostly crap. Other than I spent my time drinking (as you do), visiting a friend's mother's house to shower, making chopper-sounds while firing waterguns at by-passers (the weather was nice that day) and screaming "Nooooo!" at one of my camp-mates who'd decided that it was perfectly fine to wear a kilt and no underwear while I was having breakfast.

Thursday was the day of the grand opening, but sadly without any bands I really wanted to see. I was there for a bit of Mnemic and can I just say that a Jutland-accent while you're growling your messages to "Roskild-eeeuurgh!" is hilariously funny?
Later on I went to see TV on the Radio who were not really that original, but I couldn't really put my finger on what they sounded like either. Drums a bit like Joy Division and a very soul-y vocal. Very nice, but something was missing, I think.

Friday kicked off after a trip to the showers, when I got the lead singer of Silver offered on a plate (well... close!). Sadly, the introduction I got wasn't "Hook up with this guy, he's in a glampunk-band and he's playing Arena at 14.00", that I didn't learn till later. No, what I got was "D'you want to get to know this guy? He's lonely and he's Norwegian." Hardly a bestseller so I declined.
I didn't see them either although they must have been better than The Hells who also played at 14.00 that day. Very monotonous, the girl was wearing an awful pair of boots and they were generally not as good as their single. Bowie had cancelled that day, at first because of something with his shoulder and then later the explanation was something with his heart. In any case, as Kristian said, he should have done some drugs and gone on with it. Sissy.
Pixies played his slot. Nice to see them, Kim Deal rocked and chain-smoked something like two packs of fags during the show, but it wouldn't have killed them to speak more than two words to the audience, now would it?
I missed The Hives, because I was freezing my arse off and had to go down my sleeping bag. Feeble, I know.

Saturday was the only day I actually managed to get properly drunk (it's not like I wasn't trying the other days, I was drinking before breakfast, putting Bailey's on my cornflakes and all!), maybe because we were drinking champagne. I kept saying to myself that I should probably go see some music, but I didn't really do anything about it before I got semi-sober and went to see Kings of Leon (boring!). In the space between those guys and Morrissey I sobered up some more, but when I was in line for a place in front of the stage I fainted like a complete... something! I was woozy for some time, had to go to the camp and thus landed at the outskirts of the tent during the Moz-show. But it was still fabulous.
Unfortunately, it went on into Love Shop's last show. I would really like to have seen more of that and probably would have if one of my friends hadn't taken us on the biggest detour in the world when leading the way to the stage.

Sunday was the day I saw the most music, starting with The Von Bondies who were a lot better than I expected, but still not much, mostly just because they just sounded like something you'd heard a gazillion times before. The best thing about the show was probably their Barbie-pink drumkit and Marcie Von Bondie's wedge heel-sandals, which, ever so by the way, was the sort of thing I was looking for today as well.
I thought The Franz were fab, but then Muse went on and it was apocalypse and confetti and it rawked! A lot better than when I saw them in 2000 in a tent that couldn't have held half of Matt Bellamy's ego now. Come, come Armageddon and I'm pretty sure Muse will be playing.
Last show of the festival was Scissor Sisters who should try to make music as good as their between-songs stories!

And then I went home and whined to all you lucky (and good good) people.

Oh, and my birthday is in 18 days and all I can think to put on my wishlist is cocktail glasses. Any ideas?