Monday, June 21, 2004

Woman, man or modern monkey?

By sports journalists, football is often described as a man's game. But am I the only one who finds this statement increasingly lame, considering the behaviour (and looks) of male footballers? I mean, you see woman players that are more macho than the average footballer in the Euro 2004.
Take this, for example. The other day when Denmark played Italy, Francesco Totti spat at Danish player Christian Poulsen. Obviously, when the pictures came out, there was a lot of fuss and a lot of anger directed at Totti and eventually he was banned from three matches. But now, as you can read in the above article (if you read Danish), Totti wants compensation for all the negative credit he has had for spitting at another player. He wants to sue some Italian newspapers and internet sites, as he feels that the incident has done damage to his image and upset his family. And then he goes on to state that "There have been many comments that have hurt me." That have hurt you?! Probably should have thought of that a bit earlier, you big sissy!
Just goes to show that I'm usually right when I say that footballers are nancy boys. Or f***ing ugly.