Thursday, June 24, 2004

When I am Queen, you will be first against the wall

Things are definitely taking a turn to the dark side around here. Last week I worked 8 days in a row, had one day off where I had to go to Copenhagen and then I thought I was going to work for 6 days before my leaving for Roskilde. However, I got today off, but what’s the use, when it’s pissing down like it’s doing right now?
It better clear up pretty soon, because I’m too old and too fussy about flat hair to live through an entire week in a wet tent. Maybe I should look into the possibilities of making some sort of fire-offering to someone? Any volunteers?
TV, too, is all crap and no play. Wimbledon in the daytime and football in the evening, I can’t see how it gets any worse than that? They could do perpetual reruns of Diana’s funeral, and it would still be a vast improvement. I wonder who decides these things. They should definitely be first in line to be burned at stake, that’s for sure.

And on top of it all, the new Saybia single is out and it’s really catchy. Amazingly shit, the singer’s voice is worse than ever and then it just gets stuck in your head. Thanks a f***ing lot!
Oh well, I’ll just go suck a lemon, see if it will put a cheerier look on my face.