Sunday, June 13, 2004

Olé olé olé

On the programme this weekend are some pretty big European events; the election for the European Parliament and the kick-off for Euro 2004.
Now, first things first, I went and posted my vote this morning before I went to work. If you’re in Denmark, you can still make it until 20.00 and you should, even if your ballot is going to be blank. This is going to sound tacky, but around the world, people are dying, literally, for the right to vote and pissing all over this by not getting off the couch when you have this right is both spoiled and rude. Finding out who to vote for shouldn’t take more than an hour of your time, especially when you’re blessed with the Internet.
Anyway, I voted for a woman, something I wouldn’t care that much about at an ordinary parliamentary election, but I think that one of the reasons that Danish women in general are so anti-EU could be that only around 27% of the MEP’s are women. I’m pretty sure that most people would turn against a democratic institution were they so poorly represented.

What would really represent me, though, was if I could find a candidate who went against that ridiculous European law that says that sporting events of “great popular interest” has to be televised on channels viewable to at least 90% of the population. What I really want is a candidate who wants all sports to be pay-per-view so DR and TV2 could stop wasting my (or my parents’) TV license fee on lame-ass crap like the Euro 2004, Tour de France and the Olympics, who all three are polluting the air this summer. My dream scenario is Denmark getting to the semi-finals, a goal within the first 5 minutes and then a 6-1 ass-kicking courtesy of Latvia! That should teach the subhumans who are watching Switzerland v. Croatia right now!