Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Lipstick traces

Kristian has decided that this is a blog about nail polish although I haven’t actually mentioned this anywhere yet. Even so, it’s a pretty good idea, so here goes. Sort of.

It doesn’t always pay off to fork out the big notes for your make-up. The worst eyeliner I’ve ever had was a Chanel one for which I paid around £13. It smudged like crazy if I went out into just slightly humid air – even if I tried to lock it with powder underneath and eye shadow on top – and if I didn’t use it for a while, the tip went bright neon yellow. Sort of eerie when it’s supposed to be black. Right now I’m using Revlon’s black eyeliner – it’s really good, doesn’t smudge and doesn’t cost more than a fiver. Same goes for mascara. Anyone who’s read more than five pages of a fashion magazine should have stumbled upon someone saying that Maybelline’s Great Lash is the best mascara in the world. It’s not a lie and there’s definitely no reason to pay for anything more fancy, unless you want some bling in your make-up bag. But obviously, bling is as good a reason as any.

But some things shouldn’t be bought cheaply and this especially applies for the more brightly coloured things like eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish. If you buy the cheap things here, it usually means that there’s not as many or as good pigments in it. It’s a bit like buying wall paint; you’ll wish you had spent a bit more when you have to paint your walls three goddamn times.
With lipstick you’ll have an excess of the greasy/waxy stuff that binds the lipstick and this, in my experience, means that it feathers (meaning flowing out into the small (fingers crossed) wrinkles around your lips) more easily. It's good if the Robert Smith-look is what you're going for, though.
With nail polish, it’s the same; with cheap stuff, there’s too much binder and here it means you’ll have to paint over three or four times and even though you save a bit of money, it’s just not worth the hassle. Also because when you apply more coats, waiting for it to dry makes you handicapped for a longer time.
While their eyeliner is nothing much to shout about, Chanel’s nail polish is, in my opinion, the best in the world. It last forever, even without a top coat, it doesn’t go thick in the bottle and it dries really quickly. I think my favourite shade is Rouge Noir, which, originally, was a limited edition, but after it appeared on Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Chanel decided to make it more widely available.
Chanel’s colours do however tend towards the more conservative. For shades a bit sparkier, try Urban Decay. Not only is it the make-up brand with the coolest name ever, their nail polish is also really good, although, sadly, it doesn’t come in these rawking medicine bottles anymore. Favourite shades here is Kiss and Metropolitan. It's quicker to chip than Chanel, though.
But still, extra credit to ‘em for having lip gunk (a bit like lip gloss, but creamier) that tastes like cherry coke and for naming one kind of lipstick after the river you had to cross to get to Hades in Greek mythology, Styx.