Saturday, June 19, 2004

I’ll be watching you through heavy weather

Danish newspaper Politiken has an article on where and when to find the best weather on your Danish summer holiday. I can't find the fancy version with the graphics on their page (you do get this though and it’s in Danish), but the essence of it is that apparently you get the most sunshine and the highest temperatures around the last week of July and the first weeks of August and if you want to really crank it up you should go to north western Zealand. That’s all very good and nice, Danish parliament is considering moving the school holiday so it matches those days instead of those pesky, chilly days in June and all is well. Apparently.
Because there is a tiny aber dabei; guess which day is the coldest out of all those hot days in late summer? Yeah, that’s right, my birthday, the 27th of July, has over a 10 year period been the coldest day of them all. And not only is this the case, one of the coldest places to be in Denmark in the summer is also the eastern part of South Jutland, my hometown being pretty much square in the middle of that area.
Sigh. And do you know the feeling of getting up in the morning with the sun in your face and then, the second you step out of the door, it starts raining? Well, it has happened to me something like five times this week. Sigh. Again. This is the sort of thing that makes me believe that there is a God. And that she/he is out to get me.