Thursday, June 17, 2004

”Honey, before you buy the car you take it for a test drive!”

I hooked up with an old friend today. We went to school together and were good friends, also when we left school. But then suddenly, we stopped seeing each other as much, she moved, I moved, but most of all it was differing interests that did, I think. She was, and is, a much more spiritual person than I’ve ever been and I think I found it was a bit scary at the time and so we didn’t see each other for about three years. But a couple of days ago it was her birthday and I decided to make her a card. A couple of days later she texted me, asking if I wanted to meet as she was in town. I was a bit nervous before I went to meet her today, mostly because I thought that it might turn out that we had absolutely nothing to talk about. But we had some coffee and talked about getting old(er), transcendental meditation, old times, we just catched up and it was actually really nice. So, when I move to Copenhagen we should hopefully see some more of each other and have a drink or two.

And speaking of old friends, today is the day we’ve all dreaded and the reason why there will be no entries from decent female Danish bloggers all night; the last ever Sex and the City episode is being aired on Danish telly.
I’m not much of a crier when it comes to occasions where you’re supposed to cry, like school-goodbyes and things. But put me in front of a television and I’ll be misty-eyed within 5 minutes. I even cried over a Lambi-ad once, for f***’s sake! I can’t really say why, but I guess it’s a sheep thing.
So, you see, it’s pretty likely that I’ll have runny mascara later on. I didn’t watch Sex and the City from the beginning, but ever since I saw my first episode, I’ve been hooked. I don’t know if I’d say that it was my favourite show, because I like other things, too, like The West Wing, but it’s definitely in the Top 3. I like the way it’s both comedy and drama, I like the one-liners and I like the characters. But most of all, I like that they dare to be crass, to portray what we actually talk about instead of what they just think we should talk about.
I deliberately haven’t checked out any sites to see how the story ends. I’d personally like to see Carrie with Alexander Petrovsky, mostly I sort of have a thing for Mikhail Baryshnikov, but after last week’s episode, my money’s on Mr Big.
Still, no matter how it ends, I wish it would have continued. Sigh. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find a truckload of Kleenex.