Friday, June 25, 2004

He sleeps with the fishes...

As you might know, if you’ve been checking in the last couple of days, I’m leaving for Roskilde the day after tomorrow and the people I wish have disappeared from this year’s festival (or would like to see shot in the kneecaps) is as follows:

5. Girls who wee outside the toilets.
Guys should use the toilets, too, but at least you can't see their arses.

4. Guys (or girls) who wee at the farm.
It’s smelly enough already, so why do they bother? Even cats are smart enough to not piss where someone else has already been, so it’s not like it’s that hard.

3. Guys in kilts.
They look hellalame. If one of them already has a girlfriend, he’s lucky and I’m surprised.

2. People in flannel shirts.
Come on, is this a nineties revival or what? They’re like the new drunken punks, albeit less smelly (but only vaguely).

But the reason shooting in the kneecaps is an option at all is:

1. People who play ball between the tents.
Basketball, football, pole tennis, I hate ‘em all (though, I must admit, the footballers are the worst. Obviously). There’s a huge field in the West Camp, just bugger off already.

More tomorrow. Probably.